Monday November 19th

Life Science, Medicine and AI

9 :00-9 :40 am - Pulse on Artificial Intelligence  in life Science and Medicine

Damien Gromier, Matthieu Somekh - France IA -

Why is it imperative for the regional public health agency to embed AI in its policy? -Alaa Ramdani - Agence Régionale pour la Santé -

Mme Valérie Le Roy - Solution Architect at IBM Innovation Center - 


9:50- 10:40 am - From the data collection to Advanced Analysis

Data collection to the Prospect Relationship Management -Jean-Marc Pinguet - Roche - 

Joël Da Costa - Connexin -

Olivier Oullier - EMOTIV -

Single-cell RNA sequencing analysis: Towards the Human Cell Atlas– Maxime Langevin - 


10:45-11:30 am- Artificial Intelligence Improves Medical Treatments

Christophe BERNARD- Epilepsy and IA-

Deep learning for epileptic classification on SEEG data-Olivier Philip – O2Quant-

Firas Rhaiem-Epilert- 


12 :00- 1 :30pm - Lunch Animation

 by Ippei Uemura Tabi, No Yume-

1 :00- 1:55 pm - Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Transformation or Evolution

Pr Mouloud ADEL- DHU Imaging -

David Mendel - X-rapid- 

Hedi Michau- Katomi-

Cecile Pereira- Euranova -


2 :00pm- 2 :55pm Precision Diagnostic & Artificial Intelligence: Predictive Medicine 

Alexandre Guenoun – Corai - 

David Coulon -@Health, ECG prediction –

Werner Mewes – Biomax -

Give a pill to your Digital Twin! - Fréderic Dayan - ExactCure -

Théophile Mohr Durdez - Volta Medical- 


3:00- 3:50 pm -Clinical Digital Pathways for Patients : Neurological Deficiencies

High stimulation of cognitive functions by teaching kids to code using AI - Vincent Berge - CrocosGoDigital -

Therapy Application to Reduce Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Persons with Alzheimer's- Ashia Khan -Minneapolis, USA- 

An innovative drug candidate to treat both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases - Jacques Fantini -Amypore  - 

William Daumas - Geosentinel –


4:00- 4 :30 pm- Quantum Computing : how close are we ? how it will transform life sciences ? 

Bernard Ourghanlian -Microsoft – 


4:35-5:15 pm- Biotech/MedTech of the future and towards Emerging Countries

Digital Health and Emerging Countries -Herve Kubwimana- Merck Accelerator-  

Pascal Staccini - CHU Nice -

Pierre Dessein - BIHLI-